Fancy goldfish have very sensitive swim bladders and if they become constipated it can kill the fish. They are true
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omnivores, meaning that they need a wide range of nutrients to survive. Many foods are commonly sold for fancy goldfish that are not actually suitable for them, and could potentially kill them. Make sure you purchase the right kind of food for your fancy goldfish!Sinking pellets that are made for fancy goldfish are a good choice. Flakes that float encourage the fish to gulp in air bubbles which could make your fish sick. Flake foods are also lacking in nutrition. Any foods that float and flakes should be avoided! However, many companies are now realizing this and have began producing quality

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sinking pellets that are much safer for goldfish and full of good nutrition. Pellet foods never go bad and will last for years.

Another option that many goldfish keepers prefer is gel food. Gel foods are much better for your goldfish's digestive health. They usually have a much better set of nutrients and ingredients than pellets. Gel foods are bought as a dry powder. In order to prepare the food water is added and the food is cooked, then refrigerated until it becomes a gelatin. The food is then removed from the refrigerator and cut into small bite-sized portions before being feed to the fish. Unfortunately, gel foods can spoil and go bad if they are not used or consumed within a certain time after being prepared. Do not attempt to make your own foods from scratch at home! People who try to make their own foods usually spend more money, time, and effort to create foods that are lacking in nutrition and are not nutritionally balanced.  

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